Shanice bynes

 I know the power that comes when you feel beautiful and confident in your body.  I started pursuing ShaniiV’s Beauty after the first time I got my lashes done. I felt gorgeous and realized that I want to help other women feel that same way. So, I found a lash class and then got my license!

Through ShaniiV’s Beauty, I offer a variety of eyelash extensions and waxing services.  I have over seven years of experience with eyelash extensions and over five years of experience with waxing and facials.  

In addition to my spa, I also help individuals become their best selves through coaching in the areas of love, sex, and business.

I am a mother of two and currently navigating life post seperation.  Throughout my relationship, I have learned that being in a relationship helps you grow so much more than being single (even more when Polyamorous), and how to navigate through relationships with kids. I also understand how childhood trauma can affect adult relationships, and I aim to help my clients work past their past trauma and move forward with their relationships and sexuality.

My passion is coaching. I have always been open about sex, what I like and don’t like. Sex is taboo in conversation, but it shouldn’t be – especially for women. I believe that women should feel free to own their sexuality just as much as men can. Women should be able to enjoy sex. Sex is not just about pleasuring men. Sex and sexuality are forms of expression, and I work to help women understand their sexuality and bodies through my coaching. If you love yourself and know what you like, you can express it to others. When you can truly express yourself, you can set yourself free.

For all of your intimate needs, X by ShaniiV offers at-home jelly masks, sex toys, lingerie, and massage candles.

With me, you will have a passionate professional with you throughout the entire process, whether that process is waxing, facials, or exploring sex or relationships – or a mixture of any of the services I offer.

I love what I do, helping millenials feel beautiful inside and out.

My adult life started out in childcare. My mother had a childcare facility located in Margate, Fl for 25 years and there is where I started out as a toddler teacher then lead in the vpk room. As time went on I transitioned to the office for half of my adult time there. My goal is to open a childcare facility in 2023 with a lot of the principles from Winfield Christian Academy and add in OURstory, emotional intelligence, and classes for parents. 

I express myself through poetry and monologues at various events in the community. SoulTree is a can’t miss event that happens once per quarter, it’s near and dear to my heart, so come check me out on their stage.

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