Self Knowledge

Self Knowledge

Classes & Coaching

Shanice offers both individual and group lash classes that detail the lash application process, safety and sanitation, and the removal of lash extensions. Shanice will also share marketing, branding, and other business tips and tricks. Each person who takes the class will receive a starter kit, mannequin head, and a certification of completion.  Click here to learn more about lash classes.

As a certificated coach, Shanice also coaches people on topics related to love, parenting, relationships, and sex.

The first course offered is Chakra Healing where you can align your chakras with me. Chakra Healing clears blockages in our chakras that were/are built up over time. Clearing these chakras are important for optimal health because they affect all areas of our mind, body, and spirit. Through understanding and exercises you can be your best YOU! Click here to get in touch with the true you.

One-on-one coaching consists of an hour phone conversation with Shanice. She will call you at your scheduled time, and you can discuss whatever you want relating to love, sex, and relationships. It is helpful if you write down what you would like to talk about related to sex, love, parenting and or business before the call, ensuring you can make the most of your time together. Click here for more information about what these coaching sessions are all about.

I have an online book club that meets every Sunday at 9:30pm via zoom. We are currently reading “Afrian People and European Holidays: A Mental Genocide” We read a chapter a week. May 1st we will be starting “Survival Strategies for Africans in America.”

Shanice Bynes has a passion for helping women feel beautiful and empowering people  to be open about sex and grow in their relationships.

Whether you’re looking for a light, natural look, or attention-grabbing, dramatic lashes, we have three lash extension styles varying in intensity levels. We also offer lash classes for those who are pursuing a certification in eyelash extensions.

Through her relationship coaching, Shanii aims to help her clients work through their relationship, trauma, and sexual struggles that are in the way of them being free to love themselves and others and openly express themselves.

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