Love & Sex Coaching

Love & Sex Coaching

Coaching is Shanice’s passion. Each one-on-one session with Shanice is a 30-minute phone call. During the phone conversation, you can discuss anything you want – sex, relationships, even business! It is helpful to write down everything you want to talk about to make the most of your time with Shanice.

As a mother of two who was in a relationship for 10 years (which 8 of those were married and 3 of those polyamorous), Shanice knows that relationships can be hard to navigate. Over the years, Shanice has learned that you can grow much more by being in a relationship than staying single. She has experienced the difficulties of navigating through your relationships with the addition of kids. Shanice also understands the effects childhood trauma has on adult relationships.

With a certification in love, relationship, and sex coaching, Shanice wants to help you navigate it all. Whether this means helping you work through past trauma to better your relationships or holding space for anyone who wants to explore how to suck or ride dick and masturbate or tantric sex. Shanice is right there with you every step of the way.

Shanice knows the power that comes when you feel beautiful and confident in your body. She believes that the purest form of beauty is love and knows that insecurity can hold us back from loving the way we are meant to love. She also knows the importance of loving yourself fully, inside and out, and how knowing how to pleasure yourself can help.

Sex and sexuality are forms of expression, and Shanice works to help women understand their sexuality and bodies through her coaching. If you love yourself and know what you like, you can express it to others. When you can truly express yourself, you can set yourself free.

Shanice has always been open about sex, what she likes and doesn’t like. She knows that owning your sexuality can make you feel powerful and beautiful. She wants to help other women discover what they like and don’t like as well, so they can feel their beauty and power as well.

Sex is taboo in conversation, but it shouldn’t be – especially for women. Shanice believes that women should feel free to own their sexuality just as much as men can. Women should be able to enjoy sex. 

Shanice is a reliable, trustworthy, and open person, who always seeks to create a safe space where people feel free of judgment. When Shanice speaks to others, she finds that they are open with her about themselves. She has a way of making others feel comfortable and safe to express themselves. Shanice hears any concerns her clients present and does not overlook them. She is empathetic and can understand where her clients are coming from.

Through her relationship coaching, Shanice aims to help her clients work through their relationship, trauma, and sexual struggles that are in the way of them being free to love themselves and others and openly express themselves.  Click here to schedule your coaching session now.

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