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Located in Lauderhill, FL, ShaniiV’s Beauty offers full body waxing, both soft and hard wax, eyelash extensions and lash classes, body wrapping with wood therapy, and full-body facials including vagacials and fanny facials, with add-ons including microdermabrasion, high frequency, light therapy, and hydrojelly masks.

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Transitioning from body to now including mind and spirit. We offer in person Chakra Events that include the knowledge on what each chakra is and how to open them, as well as what causes the imbalances. A gift is included in your ticket purchase. 

The next event is Saturday, May 12th from 12:00pm – 2:00pm. Get your tickets HERE.

With Shanice being a Love, Sex, & Relationship Coach, there is a workshop coming up, June 24 for couples, throuples, & quads to work on their communication and budgeting which is part of the “XSV Love Series”. 

Do you feel that you love your partner but sometimes communication can be rocky?

Or maybe you recognize that sometimes things can get a little disrespectful or your partner is not comprehending or showing the actions behind what is being said?

We will be going over communication styles and how to better divide up the time at home so you can enjoy each other more. After learning how to better communicate, we will be getting into the conversation of finance.

Financial Literacy is huge in reaching your financial goals. In this workshop you will also be getting budgeting tips because 41% of marriages end because of a difference of money, (that most of us are not taught about). I have a guest speaker that will be giving out tips on how to budget your finances. 

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Waxing leaves your skin feeling soft and silky and is a great way to get rid of any unwanted hair you have anywhere on your body. Some of the waxing services we offer include lip, chin, eyebrows, underarms, abdomen, bikini, Brazillian, shoulders, arms, back, legs, and full body waxing.

Whether you’re looking for a light, natural look, or attention-grabbing, dramatic lashes, we have three lash extension styles varying in intensity levels. We also offer lash classes for those who are pursuing a certification in eyelash extensions.

If you want to target the fat deepest in your body, we offer body wrapping and wood services that do just that.

Facials are great for more than just reducing the look of wrinkles, and that is why we offer facials for more than your face. We offer vagacials and fanny facials that help with ingrown hair, bumps, cellulite, and add-ons for all of our facial services. These add ons include Microdermabrasion, micro-needling, and hydro jelly masks.

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