WAP Pills and Dick Soap

Vag, vajayjay, pussy, fanny, vagine, there are so many different names for your vagina. At Shanii’s Beauty, we have a word for the sweet treat that are vaginas too, cookie.

Shanii’s Beauty recommends quite a few all-natural cookie washing options, including a cookie mist, the original cookie wash, an African honey wash, and lavender, coconut jelly, and peppermint cookie washes. All of our products cater to your cookie and her wants and needs, and everything to help keep her clean and healthy.

Soaps can be too harsh for sensitive cookies – even if they are all-natural soaps. That is why we recommend an all-natural wash specifically created to leave you feeling fresh and moist. The original Cookie Wash does both! Cookie Wash cleanses the vulva and promotes moisture. The all-natural ingredients of our original Cookie Wash include saponified olive oil, sunflower oil, aloe vera, shea butter, rosemary extract, coconut oil, and citric acid. Cookie Wash also is available in a travel size, so you can take it with you on vacation, baecation, or girls’ trip!

We also recommend a mist called “Cookie Mist”, which can be used in place of the Cookie Wash, or just whenever you feel the need to freshen up throughout the day! Made of aloe vera and rose water, this natural mist helps fight inflammation and yeast, cleanses, soothes, hydrates, and revitalizes your cookie.

Every cookie is different, so do not think we only recommend one wash. The “African Honey Cookie Wash” soothes, cleans, moisturizes, relieves soreness and inflammation, and supports yeast infection prevention. Made of all-natural ingredients, such as African black soap imported from Ghana, organic shea butter, African Honey, aloe vera, and olive oil, this product can be used as a full body and intimate wash.

Looking for something more soothing? The Cookie Wash Lavender is like our original Cookie Wash, but with our soothing, anti-bacterial blend of lavender essential oil! All-natural, like all of our washes, the lavender wash will leave your cookie feeling naturally fresh and odor-free. This wash will block odors, balance your cookies pH, and increase moisture. The lavender cookie wash is made of lavender essential oil, saponified olive oil, sunflower oil, aloe vera, shea butter, rosemary extract, coconut oil, and citric acid. It also comes in a travel size!

The “coconut jelly wash” is moisturizing, soothing, antifungal, and anti-bacterial and helps reduce inflammation and soften skin. Made from aloe vera, coconut oil, tea tree oil, witch hazel, almond oil, and shea butter, the coconut jelly wash can be used for your cookie and all over your body.

If you have sensitive skin, you might want to stick with the original cookie wash or cookie mist. The “Peppermint Cookie Wash” creates a tingly cool, minty sensation that can feel fresh and amazing, but peppermint can be too harsh for some women. The only added ingredient is peppermint oil, so again, you can feel great knowing your cookie was cleaned with all-natural ingredients.

Each five-ounce bottle of these has a shelf life of up to six months, and once opened, should be used within two months.

In addition to cookie washes, we also recommend V-steam! V-steam is the vaginal steaming product, and we have a variety of steams for multiple occasions. We have steam for before sex, to relieve cramps, aid in conception, for after pregnancy, and for when you feel your cookie needs to be revaginated. One pack of V-steams can get you 20 sessions if used with our cookie steam seat.

Best used before sex, V-steam Before He Eats The Cookie is designed to turn up the heat by increasing your cookies’ moisture, tighten, and boost your libido for heightened orgasms then Before He Eats The Cookie is the steam for you.

This steam is not recommended for women who are currently experiencing bacterial or yeast infections, nor those using blood pressure, epileptic, diabetic, asthma drugs, or antipsychotics drugs.

That time of the month pain coming in hot? V-steam Cramping Ain’t Sweet contains a blend of herbs that have nourishing properties to relieve painful cramps and bloating and promotes menstrual regulation.

Do not use this product if your period is light, spotty, or absent.

If you have babies on the brain, then V-steam I Need a Bun In My Oven is perfect for you! The steam increases blood circulation, and the herbs, including motherwort, which is known to stimulate egg growth, will boost your confidence after one use. 

Not recommended for women who want a deep cleanse or have irregular menstrual cycles.

For anyone who just had a baby, V-steam The Bun Is Out The Oven can help you recover. This steam will assist and speed up your cookies’ recovery process and restore the moisture and freshness of your cookie.

Use this product after bleeding has slowed or stopped (about four weeks postpartum) or after the incision from a C-section has healed (usually about six weeks postpartum). This product is also helpful after miscarriage and abortions,

If our cookie has no irritation, infection, odor, or painful cramps, good on you, girl, you got a good cookie! But that does not mean you can not use steam to clean, nourish and restore your cookie. V-steam Revaginate My Cookie uses herbs to gently purify and nourish your cookie. This steam is best for use after your period and for women who experience relatively regular, symptom-free periods. This product is also great if it is your first time using steam, if you are sensitive, and is ideal for teens.

The Cookie Steam Seat is a vital part of the steaming process. All of our previously mentioned steam products will be better used with this seat. Vaginal steaming has been a historic practice for women, struggling to steam over buckets and pots – but that struggle ends now. Women say they practice vaginal steaming to relieve period cramps, cleanse their uterus, increase fertility, speed up the postpartum recovery process, and as a way to maintain healthy hygiene.

The weight limit for our steam seat is 270 lbs. Never steam if you are pregnant.

A clean, healthy, moisturized, and happy cookie is not the only thing to think about for the ultimate sexual experience. For when you want to turn your sweet cookie into a WAP, Powaful Products has just what you need!

Powaful Products offers two different WAP pills, Slippery, and Slippery max. For the wettest cookie, you will need to take one capsule twice for about two to four days – your body needs a little bit of time to work it into your system. For a wetter cookie, take Slippery, and for the wettest cookie, Slippery Max is what you are looking for. Both Slippery and Slippery max are made of all-natural ingredients and should not be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

We have not forgotten that men also have a role to play in sex and keeping our cookies happy. Powaful Products offers an all-natural dick soap called Rifle Wash, with antifungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-yeast properties so your cookie can stay satisfied with his clean dick.

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At Shanii’s Beauty, we believe that the truest form of beauty is love, including self-love. We recommend products to help you love yourself and feel beautiful as well.